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We Are The Universe

Inspired by the sense that we are all part of the same continuum of life and matter, We Are The Universe features the art of Kevin Hooyman taking us to two very different places.  The cartoon tells the story of a bear in the woods watching the seeds and stars become one.  The print depicts a cityscape where people, creatures, and buildings fill the page in exquisite detail - like the stars in the sky.  Kenneth Onulak animated the cartoon with music by Heather Porcaro and Becky Stark.

Liberate Your Love

This print and cartoon expresses the joyous desire to be free of fear and transform it into love. The image - a reproduction of a watercolor painting by artist Megan Whitmarsh - reflects the whimsical nature of love and how being playful can set it free.  Animated by Mathew Salata.  Music by Aska, Farmer Dave, and Becky Stark.

Change Your Relationship To Nature!

Artist Kevin Hooyman spent over 100 hours illustrating this exquisite image. You could spend hours, years, or a lifetime gazing at it and finding new details and meanings. The printing was done with close attention to reproducing the stunning color and detail of the original illustration. Special thanks to Kenneth Onulak for the animation and Suzanne Goldish for the sound recording.

Heal Everything! Heal Everyone!

This print and cartoon suggest an alternative vision of society where the health of all people and all things is the priority - so much so that people hold rallies just to say “Heal Everything! Heal Everyone!” Comic artist Ron Regé, Jr. created this print with his signature style illuminating the idea.  Paula Salhany animated the cartoon.  Soundtrack by Lem Jay Ignacio, Suzanne Goldish, and Becky Stark.  Voices of Carolyn Pennebaker and Damian Kulash.

Your Heart Is A Prism!

Your Heart Is A Prism was out inaugural episode and expresses the core beliefs behind this project - your heart and it’s transformational power.  Artist Jacob Ciocci created the print and animated the cartoon.  Sound by Peter Glantz, Becky Stark, and Jacob Ciocci.  Bonus: Print is black light sensitive!

Like Forward... but Worldword!

Worldword! is both a simple cartoon series, created independently with some episodes commissioned by MTV, but also an expression of friendship between Peter Glantz, Becky Stark, and their many collaborators who are all long time friends. Peter and Becky write and direct the animations but the heart of each one is the unique aesthetics of each artist and the collaborations that result in a whole greater than the some of it’s parts. The posters are fine art quality and affordable so they can be spread as far and wide as possible like slogan posters for peace, love, and understanding. These ideas are for everyone and the prints are a way to bring them home, share with friends, and curve consciousness toward beauty and truth.

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