Wilco - Sunloathe (Official Music Video)

“Wilco’s ‘Sunloathe’ is full of whistful whimsy… an abstract tale of redemption and rocking out featuring angry cat mobs, misunderstood monsters, and a technicolor claymation finale.”

Austin Berhardt, A/V Club

“Gorgeous… fabulously fun.”

Bob Boilen, NPR, All Songs Considered

“An epic fantasy.”

Xeni Jardin, Boing Boing

“Adorable animated monsters abound.”

“Kindred spirits find each other… united by a glorious sunrise.”

Rolling Stone Magazine

“One of the Top 10 music videos of 2012.”

Paste Magazine

Andrew W.K. - I Want To See You Go Wild (Official Music Video)

“BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER.  Andrew W.K. has done it again in this animated masterpiece for ‘I Want To See You To Go Wild.’”

“It’s definitely the best animated video we’ve seen since Paul Abdul’s “Opposites Attract.”  Sorry, Gorillaz.”

Darren Ressler, Limewire Blog

“I Wanna See You Go Wild” is exactly the same thing we say to Andrew WK every time we see him, so we’re glad it’s mutual.  This is the spirit of “I Get Wet” Andrew WK funneled through Loony Tunes.”

Matthew Schnipper, The Fader

“Hell if you don’t smile while watching this.”

Hannah Rad,

The Most Interesting Show In The World

“The more we watched, the more we stopped caring about looking cool. W.K.‘s brand of joy was powerfully contagious.”

Jose Flores, Broward-Palm Beach New Times (review of Fort Lauderdale show at Revolution)

“It was total pandemonium coming from every angle…  It was fantastic.”

Nate "Igor" Smith, (Review of New York City Show at Webster Hall)

“A whole lot more wonderful eccentricity that you won’t see on ABC TV anytime soon… Fun Fun Fun.” (review of Scottsdale, Arizona show at The Venue)

Lightning Bolt - Power Of Salad

“So much better than every high budget concert spectacular in which the spirit of live-performance is almost always leeched away…the lens literally rattling, at times, as the air is pushed by the massive soundwaves emanating from Chippendale and Gibson’s overdriven set-up. When the jams fuzz out into indistinction, it matches the feeling of an up-close live-show, where you feel the sound physically more than you pick out details precisely.”

Anthony Carew, Alt Music

“You can bring (Lightning Bolt’s) fury into your home with The Power Of Salad… where fans are packed like sweaty maggots around the duo in various venues, crashing into the pair as soon as the staccato beats start.”

Jennifer Maerz, Alternative Press

“If you don’t walk away from the film inspired, wanting to listen to, see the band, or make your own music, you might want to reconsider your life.”

Trent Lesikar, The Grizzly Life

“Must have… essential.”

San Francisco Bay-Guardian

“The Power of Salad… makes screaming through throat mics and ski masks look hot.”

Joe Gross, The Village Voice

“A better product than almost anything in any music store anywhere (unless it’s a new Springsteen album about 9/11).”

Mojo Magazine

“The Power of Salad… has the concept of noise-as-pleasure down cold.”

Alec Hanley Bemis, LA Weekly

“The deranged brilliance of Lightning Bolt has finally been unleashed on The Power of Salad.”

Chris Gramlich, Exclaim Magazine

“This movie left me feeling totally high and on top of the world.”

Tang Li Wheebs, Maui Weekly

Killing My Lobster Walks This Way

“The ghosts of burlesque and vaudeville that no doubt haunt the elderly Victoria Theatre were grinning in the rafters this weekend… bring the grandparents and parents.”

Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

“A Terry Gilliam-esque collage from the flotsam of long-lost cultural antimatter and the jetsam of random association… any journey that visits the themes of necrophilia, Donkey Kong, and brain surgery only to reach its destination with the words “world peace” has got to be worth seeing.”

Chloe Veltman, SF Bay Guardian

“Winner, best ensemble cast.”

SF Weekly

Travel Light Light Keepers - trutheatertheater

“For a touch of the delightfully bewildered, cranium massaging derangement we turn to ‘TrutheaterTheater’ with their hilarious, surreal, insane intoxicated ‘Travel Light Light Keeper’.... These are the imaginary people who scared Negativland… it’s inter-dimensionally, brain scrapingly strange. It will change your brain patterns, it will create subversive impulses, you will stroke goose necks. You won’t need narcotics, you will be creating narcotic thoughts and pushing them for free. ‘Can I Get A Witness’ says a helium filled lunatic at one point. You are that witness…”

Marc Coyle, The Unbroken Circle

“Mind blowing and boggling all at the same time and oh oh oh sooo amazing. A variety of Providence area musicians, most notably including Urdog & Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt, cook up a sludge of noisy psych via electronic and organic means which serve to highlight and support the delivery of disjointed and at times bizarre & stoner logic text. It’s a brilliant oddity.”

Chris Jacques,

Pick A Winner DVD

“An experience at once sophisticated and silly, experimental and campy, captivating and slightly annoying. And it’s further proof that the Providence, R.I., artists who comprise Load’s diverse catalog are still years ahead of the rest of us.”

Joel Calahan, Dusted Magazine

“Pick a Winner is imbued with humor, feeling, and wide-open imagination.”

Andy Earles, Decibel Magazine