Peter Glantz is an influential creative director/director who has worked with Wilco, OK Go, Lightning Bolt, Andrew W.K. and many others on music video and concert direction. His early work was as part of the Fort Thunder Era Providence, RI art and music scene - including the tour documentary “Lightning Bolt - Power of Salad” - which was celebrated by Noisey/Vice Magazine on the occasion of it’s 10th anniversary as a seminal work of independent music documentary. Peter is also known for his collaborations with notable artists and performers including Paper Rad, Miranda July, Leif Goldberg and Mat Brinkman of Forcefield, Becky Stark, Megan Whitmarsh and comic artists like Kevin Hooyman and Ron Regé, Jr.

Peter co-created an animation series for MTV’s Liquid Television and the web series “We Can Do It!” which featured guests including actor John C. Reilly, Damian Kulash of OK Go, and party guru Andrew W.K.

Peter’s projects have been featured many times in the press, including The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Wire Magazine,, NPR, Boing Boing, AP magazine, and around the blogoshpere as well as discussed in thesis dissertations, besides roaring campfires, and in temporary autonomous zones throughout North America.

Peter has also created shows under his own name that have been performed at The Hirshhorn Museum, The RISD Museum, Whartscape, Puffers Fest and innumerable other locations.

On both stage and screen, Peter has a signature whimsical visual style that combines a total commitment to shining a light on the truth of the subject, story, or song.  He currently lives in Providence, RI with his sweetheart artist Meredith Stern, their son Fox, and their cats Gandalf, Jello, and Zorro although you will frequently find him in New York, LA, or deep in the woods - wherever the latest dream transports him.