The Imaginary Company is made up of Peter's frequent creative partners. Here's info on some of them.

Becky Stark

Becky Stark is an artist, singer, songwriter and entertainer from Los Angeles, California.  She is considered a luminary of the new folk movement and the LA underground punk/noise scene. She has performed extensively as a solo artist and leader of the Lavender Diamond band. She has shared a bill with Miranda July, Jenny Lewis, David Byrne, John Waters, Dave Eggers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Decemberists, Beck, The New Pornographers, Devendra Banhart and hundreds of others. She has received widespread critical acclaim, appearing in the November 2007 Vanity Fair “Folk Music Heroes” portfolio by Annie Leibovitz on the page between Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins. In addition to her work with Lavender Diamond she sings with The Living Sisters, a folk trio with Eleni Mandell and Inara George from the Bird and the Bee.  In 2008 Stark wrote the Songs of the Believers for the film City of Ember starring Bill Murray.  She also stars in an upcoming short film version of a short story from Miranda July’s book “No one Belongs Here More Than You.” Kim Gordon and Liz Goldwyn also star in the film.  She appears as a character/vocalist on The Decemberists’ 2009 concept album The Hazards of Love and toured the U.S. and Europe with the band.  She is currently developing more musical, TV, and comedy projects while actively performing with her bands.

Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K. is the KING OF PARTYING. Infamous for his bloody nose, famous for his high-life attitude, beloved for his songs like, “PARTY HARD”, “WE WANT FUN”, and “YOU WILL REMEMBER TONIGHT”, Andrew’s true will is to use all form of entertainment to create feelings of pure joy, fun, love, freedom, and possibility.  2010 saw Andrew hitting the road with his full band as the headliner on the entire summer 2010 Warped Tour and host of The Most Interesting Show in The World.  He continues to host the enormously popular live-action Cartoon Network show “Destroy, Build, Destroy” while recording a new rock n’ roll album for 2011.  Due to the variety of his pursuits, Andrew continues to have an impact on an extremely diverse range of mainstream and underground culture. As Andrew continues to push the boundaries of entertainment and his own life, he brings into play a wide range of ideas, all the while working to create a joyous experience for his audience. Andrew lives in Manhattan, New York City. He has never been more ready to PARTY.

Jacob Ciocci

Jacob Ciocci is a founding member of the east coast art collective Paper Rad and plays in the band Extreme Animals. In his music, paintings, comics, performances, net art and videos, contemporary and recently forgotten cultural symbols confront one another inside a frenzied cartoon universe that is simultaneously celebratory and critical, banal and transcendent.  Jacob’s work has been shown at the Moma (Automatic Update, 2007), the New Museum, (ArtBase 101, Paper Rad & Matt Barton, 2005), The ArtReview 25 at Phillips de Pury, New York (2005), The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu (2003), Tate Britain, London (2003); the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (2003) and the Institute of Contemporary Art, London (2003).  Jacob and Paper Rad have received critical acclaim in a range of publications, including: The New York Times; ArtReview; Artforum; Art in America; Rolling Stone; Mute; Vice; Issue; and Select. Publications include “Internet Art” (Thames and Hudson, 2004), and 2 artist’s books designed by Paper Rad: “BJ and da Dogz” and “Cartoon Workshop/Pig-Tales” (Picture Box Inc).


“James Quigley, aka Gunsho, is a new breed of occult warrior attempting to restore the grandeur of epic mythology back into the awesome realms of the unreal. Paying homage to legends and ideas whispered down through alchemical charts and ancient texts, Gunsho materializes his vision of the other side. Many of his works tap into supernatural themes, from demonology and the Goetia to the black arts. Gunsho—first seen as a sign in the waking world, and later materialized in a dream, epitomizes his unique aesthetic, that plants one foot on the ground and a third eye gazing firmly at the stratosphere beyond.” —Beautiful Decay Magazine

Kevin Hooyman

Kevin Hooyman’s drawings cover every available inch of the page in densely beautiful line work that often tells stories of animals waxing philosophical with each other deep in the forest where bearded wise men seek refuge amongst the magic of nature to ponder existential dilemmas.  He has written and illustrated 5 critically acclaimed books and participated in group and solo art shows around the world.  Kevin lives in the small town of Climax in upstate NY but ventures to Providence and New York City every once in awhile to talk with us humans.

Below are more of Peter’s creative partners.  Many will return in the future and new ones will emerge.  Check back here for more details when new projects are released.

Erin Rosenthal (Urdog, Picturebox)
Jim Drain (Forcefield, Jim Drain)
Brian Chippendale (Picturebox, Lightning Bolt, Black Pus)
Ben Jones (Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, Paper Rad)
Meredtih Stern (Justseeds)
Leif Goldberg (Forcefield, Calenders, National Waste)
Erik Talley (The Last American, Ninja vs. Wrestler)
Dave Lifrieri (Urdog, Manbeard)
Roby Newton (Milemarker, Puppet Master)
Mat Brinkman (Mystery)
Miranda July (You and Me and Everyone You Know, The Future)
Brian Ralph (Giant Robot Magazine, Cave-In, Climbing Out)
Jungil Hong (Master artist)
Ron Rege, Jr. (Highwater Books)
Lightning Bolt (Load Records)
Twig Harper (Nautical Almanac, Steev Mike)
Carly Ptak (Nautical Almanac, Integration Hypnotherapy)
Colin Langenus (The Usa Is A Monster, The Colin L Funk Band)
Thomas McConnell (Wild Prayer Animator)
Xander Marro (Dirt Palace, Movies With Live Soundtracks)
Kartina Richardson (Ebert Presents At The Movies)
Michael Saab (Bubble Man)
David Merlini (Escape artist, World Record Holder for staying underwater without breathing)
Mandy Lauderdale (Cabaret singer)
Dream World Cirque (Contortion, Aerial)
Randy Weiner (The Donkey Show, The Box)
and ??????????????