All videos and shows written and directed by Peter Glantz and produced by Imaginary Entertainment unless otherwise noted.

Andrew W.K. I Want To See You Go Wild (Official Music Video)

Music and sound effects: Andrew W.K.
Art:  Gunsho
Animation: Thomas McConnell
DP: Udris Bros
Billboart art/animation: Jacob Ciocci
Assistant Animator: Kenneth Onulak
Tech Director: Stu Chudy
Color Correction: Stu Chudy and Erik Weindel
CompostingL Nick Beaubien, Nicole Chudy, and Stu Chudy
Produciton Assistants: Natalja Kent and Mike Guadagni
Catering: Ann Schattle
Intern: Dylan Ladds
Production and post production studio:  Optic Sugar
Production Manager for Optic Sugar: Nick Beaubien
Producer for Optic Sugar: Charles Kane
Staff for Andrew W.K. Inc.
Creative DirectionL Mario Dane
Senior Producer: Steev Mike
Slow Mo Owl Footage:

The Most Interesting Show In The World

Co-directed by Peter Glantz and Randy Weiner
Co-written by Peter Glantz and Stephen Papageorge
Produced by Hammwein and Mirrorball
Sponsored by Dos Equis
Hosted by Andrew W.K.
Featuring David Merlini, Bubble Man, Mandy Lauderdale, Rudi Macaggi, Dream World Cirque, and Elliot Zimmet

Change Your Relationship To Nature

Song:  Becky Stark
Art: Kevin Hooyman
Animation: Kenneth Onulak
Sound Recording: Suzanne Goldish

Your Heart Is A Prism!

Co-directed and written by Becky Stark
Art and animation by Jacob Ciocci

Ebert Presents “At The Movies”  (All Segments)

Written,  hosted, and co-produced by Kartina Richardson
Co-produced and filmed by Peter Glantz
Executive Producers: Roger Ebert and Chaz Ebert

Lavender Diamond Like A Prayer (Official Music Video)

Art and animation: Jacob Ciocci and Thomas McConnell
Performance: Becky Stark
Original song: Madonna
Additional Art: Ron Rege, Jr.
Additional Animation: Peter Glantz
Record Label: Manimal Vinyl

The USA Is A Monster No More Forever (Official Music Video)

Art by Kevin Hooyman
Animated by Peter Glantz

Califunya - The Most Beautiful Show That Ever Lived

Co-directed by Becky Stark and Peter Glantz
Co-written by Becky Stark and Peter Glantz
Starring Miranda July, Josh Fadem, Peter Glantz, Becky Stark, Jim Drain, Lindsay Beamish, and Brandon Ratcliffe.
Set Design by Jim Drain
Props by Ron Rege, Jr.
Produced by Suzi Yonessi and Alia Raza

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Designer: Matt “Details” Johnson
Background Art: Ron Rege, Jr.