On Screen

Wilco Music Video - Sunloathe

Coming to MTV’s Liquid Television in 2013.

We Are The Universe


We Can Do It!

Andrew W.K.  I Want To See You Go Wild

Volume Two in the Worldword series.

Change Your Relationship To Nature

Lavender Diamond Like A Prayer

On Stage

The Most Interesting Show In The World

Supported by a grant from RISCA

trutheatertheater at Roger Williams State Park

Co-written and directed with Becky Stark

The Most Beautiful Show That Ever Lived

trutheatertheater at an abandoned transportation building

Killing My Lobster Walks This Way

trutheatertheater at the RISD Museum

When We Say Imaginary, We Mean Real

Making movies and live shows is always about imagining the impossible then creating it to share with others. I started Imaginary Entertainment to continue doing what I love. I work with some great folks you may know and some others you should. I call them The Imaginary Company. I imagine there will be many more amazing people on the way, and more exciting shows we will make real.
Peter Glantz